Frosty Beauty: Three Flowering Plants that Infuse Color During the Wintertime

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Wintertime always seems so drab in my landscape. Are there any plants I can use to make the winter landscape more colorful?” Great question, Michelle. Yes, the winter can seem like everything is dead and devoid of any bright color. Not only are there plants that add great color in the winter, but some even flower. Below are three such …

The Flatwaters: Valentine Surprise

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Jennifer Christian is a Lake Anna watercolor artist and designer. Coming from the Detroit area in early 2019, she fell in love with the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding fields and forests. Much of her artwork looks to capture the essence of the lake and its surroundings. Known for her community-minded entrepreneurial spirit, she is the creative mind behind Lake Anna-opoly, a beloved board game inspired by the local businesses and organizations of Lake Anna. Jennifer’s game has become a local favorite and has brought joy to rainy days for many families and friends in our community. Jennifer’s paintings, prints, greeting cards, and other merchandise can be found in stores around town and on her website at She has also worked with several local organizations and businesses on the logo and sign designs you see around town. Outside of her artistic endeavors, Jennifer is a devoted mother to two boys and wife to Jonathan Christian, founder of LASER Robotics and the LASA Soccer Challenge Program. In addition, she founded and oversees the Lake Anna Homeschool group.

Give Us Your Best Shot – Photos of and on Lake Anna – February 2024

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Jen BaileyHi! I’m Jennifer Bailey and I partner with entrepreneurs who have massive ideas that could change the world. Most marketing is meaningless. Filled with empty promises, its only job is to bring in new traffic, new leads, and new customers. But I’ve drawn a line in the sand, and I’ve learned that marketing can do so much more than reach business goals and …

Lake Anna Weather: El Nino Dominates Winter

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Welcome to February, the month where we start a slow warming process as we move into the Spring season, but also a month where we still can get big snowstorms. High temperature averages start in the middle 40s, but rise into the lower 50s by the end of the month. It’s a pleasure to join the Lake Anna Breeze™ team. …

From Water Rescues to Waterfront Homes; Meet Jacey Orion Netzer

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Sponsored by The Orion Home Group Jacey Orion Netzer has embarked on a journey to redefine integrity in real estate with her practice, The Orion Home Group. Jacey’s story is one of diverse experiences, from being a successful hairdresser and restaurant owner to a water rescue volunteer and scuba diver. Her roots in a small town near Hershey, Pennsylvania, shaped …

Retirement Reflections: A Five-Year Journey of Community, Growth, and Feel-Good Stories of Lake Anna

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I retired at the end of 2018 and bought the Lake Anna Breeze™ in February of 2019. I didn’t know very much about publishing a newspaper, so I had to learn as I went along. Once I got the hang of it, creating The Breeze™ was an absolute joy. Over that five year period, I learned a little bit about …

Seasonal Affective Disorder is Real: Understanding the Symptoms to Prevent and Treat Depression

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Virginia’s four seasons are nothing to complain about. Many states don’t see fall colors or snow on the ground. But the cold, colorless days of winter can be long, and for some, it can be more than just a feeling of boredom or restlessness. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs during specific seasons, particularly winter. …

A Conversation on Boater Safety with ‘Mo’Daniels and Jean McCormick: Guardians of Lake Anna Waters

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As Lake Anna gears up for another bustling boating season, it’s crucial to shed light on the unsung heroes who ensure the safety of water enthusiasts — Maureen (Mo) Daniels and Jean McCormick, affectionately known around the lake as ‘Mo and Jean’. With a remarkable 20 years of service to the community, the duo are the stalwarts of water safety …

Defeating Business Isolation: Addressing Lake Anna Home Office Challenges

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How many of us work from home? If not retired, most working professionals here at Lake Anna have home offices. From individual sales representatives to entrepreneurs, business owners, and home office teleworkers, working remotely has become increasingly prevalent here in our community. Working from home in a secluded location like Lake Anna poses its challenges. Despite significant growth in the …