Meet Lake the Alligator; Follow Lake's Life

Thank you for joining Lake's journey! By participating in this program, you're helping us track the adventures of our beloved alligator, Lake! Follow these simple steps to be a part of Lake's Life!

Step 1: Capture Lake in Action

The first step is to share Lake with our Facebook community! Here's how...

Take a picture of Lake wherever you encounter him during his daily adventures. Whether he's lounging in the sun or swimming in the lake, in a selfie with you and friends, or by himself... snap a photo to share his moment with us!

Step 2: Post to Facebook

Tell us how you came across Lake and where you found him. Did he find his way to your doorstep... did you spot him while on a leisurely stroll, or did he surprise you during a fishing trip? Let us know the details of your encounter!

Post to a Facebook!! Here's a link to Best of Lake Anna group

Post Lake to Facebook!

Step 3: Pass Lake Along

After documenting Lake's presence, it's time to let him continue his journey. Leave Lake in a spot where he can be found again by someone else. This could be on a doorstep, a park bench, or any other place where Lake's friends might stumble upon him.