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Local Landscapers

Established in 2012 by Chaz Smith at Lake Anna, Local Landscapers is a company specializing in landscaping and hardscaping. Originally a horticulture student captivated by plant and tree growth and their environmental impact, Chaz decided to venture into landscaping to craft outdoor spaces that blend beauty with functionality.

Starting with just an old truck and trailer, along with a student loan to acquire a lawnmower, Chaz devoted considerable effort to build his business from the ground up. As he neared the completion of his horticulture degree, he delved into business classes, applying his knowledge to transform the venture into a thriving landscaping business.

Presently, Local Landscapers stands as a debt-free company, boasting a team of approximately 18 individuals, including Chaz and his wife Ashley. The company provides diverse landscaping services such as lawn mowing, fertilizing, landscape maintenance, shoreline solutions, and design-build services for outdoor living. Full benefits, including PTO, Retirement, Health, dental, and vision insurance, are extended to the entire team.

Efficiency is a key focus, with solo operators in maintenance and fertilizing crews utilizing a ramp rack system for accessibility to challenging driveways and areas. This approach enhances efficiency and minimizes potential damage to client properties.

Shane Heffernan, joined the team in 2019, leads the design and solution-finding efforts, drawing on over 15 years of experience in landscaping and hardscaping. Quality and attention to detail are emphasized in every project undertaken.

In 2023 the team welcomed Stephen MacCauley, responsible for overseeing projects to ensure high-quality and timely completion. Stephen brings a wealth of experience with 8 years of service in the Marine Corps Reserves and an additional 12 years of expertise in landscaping installation.

Field teams are led by Jacob Kronander, Thomas Hatmaker, Shane Shifflett, Brendan Meeks, Nathan Coleman, Brandon Stevens, Quan Jackson, and Austin Elliot. Mowing leads include Andy Nolte, Chris Henshaw, and John Taylor. The fertilizer division is under the leadership of Josh Vrabel.

The company's capacity to communicate effectively with clients stands as a significant asset thanks to the expertise of the robust office team. Ashley Smith skillfully manages project contracts, scheduling, invoicing, and all aspects in between. Ciara Wright serves as the primary point of contact, ensuring seamless communication from the outset.

Looking ahead, Local Landscapers aims to sustain growth, taking on more challenging projects and collaborating with reputable contractors in the area. Plans include relocating the physical shop from the current Bagby Rd location to Kentucky Springs Rd.

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3787 Kentucky Springs Rd,  Bumpass
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