She Shed Challenge

Announcing: Tiffany’s She-Shed Challenge!

Ever since She Sheds became ‘a thing’, I have wanted one. And when my seashells started overtaking the man cave garage, the need became a little more imminent. Hence, the purchase and finishing and decorating of my new She Shed, which has inspired a very special contest… and the first of its kind! Follow my She Shed progress as it evolves into a seashell museum and ladies’ entertainment space! While my She Shed isn’t in the contest, yours can be!

The Lake Anna Breeze is accepting entries for Tiffany’s She Shed Challenge! The Top 3 Challengers will be featured in the August edition of The Breeze. One final winner will receive a special prize package, with gift cards and unique donations from local businesses! To enter, just send us a picture of your finished shed. Go to LakeAnna.Online/SheShed.